Was your insurance claim denied?

Public adjusters are detached from the insurance companies and work to quickly understand the reason your claim was denied and advise you what to do to recover the money needed to repair your home or business. ​Adjusters hired by the insurance company are paid to minimize losses and save the insurance companies money, not to maximize your payout.

the insurance company expects you to take their  first offer.


When your home is damaged, your goal is to have your home put back together like it was. The insurance company's goal is to negotiate the lowest payout you will accept.

We work with you to help you receive the fairest payout to make your home or business whole again. It isn't always easy understanding insurance lingo, and that's where we come in. We analyze your coverage, help you understand how your policy covers your losses, and work with you and your insurance company to ensure you are paid what is owed in a timely manner.

​We Advocate for the Policyholders

What you need to know before you call the insurance company


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What we do

912-319-5500  or claims@usnatpa.com

  • Analyze your policy and explain it to you so that you understand how the coverages pertain to your claim.

  • ​Help you maximize your financial recovery.

  • ​Prepare the damage estimate and submit it to the insurance company. using industry standard forms to ensure a swift and accurate response.

  • ​Help you return to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.​​

US National Public Adjusters

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